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The history department aims to enthuse pupils and encourage them to ask questions. Pupils are also always encouraged to see the connections between the past and the present and how history affects their own lives. This approach is consistently successful with very good GCSE and A Level results. Uptake for the subject both at A level and GCSE continues to be very good.


Key Stage 3 allows pupils the chance to gain an understanding of the last 1000 years – from 1066 to the present. Year 7 starts with a unit on the history of Claremont and then covers 1066 until the Renaissance. Year 8 starts with Henry VIII and ends with the Industrial Revolution. Year 9 covers the major events of the Twentieth Century.


The GCSE course looks at the interwar years in Europe (how the 'War to End All Wars' led to the outbreak of World War Two), Hitler’s Germany, the aftermath of the Russian Revolution and Life in Britain after World War Two (including topics on teenage life and immigration). This combination of topics focuses on the twentieth century but gives a variety of types of history.

A Level

The A Level course similarly gives variety: the reigns of James I and Charles I (studies in failed leadership, leading to domestic war), the causes of the US Civil War, Civil Rights in the US (1865-1992) and the premiership of Margaret Thatcher (1979-90). Topics have been selected to offer diversity and accessibility and the courses are popular.


Highlights of the year have included visits to Brick Lane and the East End (Year 10), Ypres (Year 9), the Tower of London (Year 7) and a Sixth Form trip to the National Archives. Pupils also participate in an inter-school balloon debate where they assume the role of famous historical figures and contribute to the annual Remembrance Day commemorations.

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