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The aim of physical education at Claremont Fan Court School is to impart knowledge and values through physical activities. We achieve this by providing a broad and balanced curriculum which is complimented by an extensive co-curricular programme. Through structured and differentiated lessons, children are encouraged to develop practical and social skills. By participating in a wide variety of activities, they learn to work with others as part of a team and develop cooperation and leadership. All children have the opportunity to experience sport at a representative level with more than 90% of pupils representing the school in at least one sport.


Pupils receive three PE lessons a week. The pupils participate in a range of activities including gymnastics, dance, swimming, volleyball, basketball, hockey, cross country, orienteering and health related fitness, as well as a further double period devoted to a representative sport. Pupils are given the opportunity to develop individual skills, build upon tactical knowledge and analyse peer performances. They are also encouraged to take on leadership and officiating roles.


Pupils receive two PE lessons a week. Within this time there are opportunities to take part in karate, squash, yoga, archery, badminton and fitness activities. Pupils are also able to represent the school in a variety of sports. The boys’ representative sports are rugby, football, hockey, cricket, athletics and tennis. The girls’ representative sports are lacrosse, netball, athletics, hockey, rounders and tennis.


PE as an exam subject uses the Edexcel Board. This course is not only interesting and enjoyable, but aims to develop knowledge and understanding of the importance of exercise. Teaching and learning ensure that when evaluating and improving performance, connections are made between developing, selecting and applying skills, tactics and compositional ideas, and fitness and health. Thus the composite nature of the subject is underpinned by the importance of learning in, about, and through physical activity. 60% of the final grade is assessed practically and 40% is assessed through the final written examination at the end of the two year course.

A Level

A Level Physical Education as an exam subject uses the OCR Board. This course looks in depth at a wide range of content, covering topics from sports psychology through to comparative studies. Students are assessed practically over both years linking theory to their own sporting development. 60% of the final grade is assessed through the written examination at the end of the each year with 40% of the grade being assessed practically.



Co-curricular activities, both competitive and non-competitive sports, have a high profile at School. We are particularly strong in offering a range of activities for our pupils, including golf, fencing, dance, basketball and ultimate Frisbee as well as our representative sports. Team practices and matches are a regular feature of the extra-curricular programme, offering healthy competition and sport for all. Weekly fixture reports are announced at assemblies and on the website. We have students who compete at county and regional level in a variety of sporting disciplines.

House Sports

Claremont Fan Court School has a strong house system, including strong competition on the sports pitches. Inter-house matches include netball, lacrosse, football and tennis, along with an exciting athletics day to conclude the year's house sport competitions.

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Representative Sports



Rugby Lacrosse
Football Netball
Cricket Rounders
Hockey Hockey
Athletics Athletics
Tennis Tennis


Additional Sports
Archery Karate
Badminton Orienteering
Basketball Squash
Cross Country Swimming
Dance Table Tennis
Fencing Ulitmate Frisbee
Golf Volleyball
Gymnastics Yoga
Health Related Fitness