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Government and Politics

Students who opt to study Government and Politics A Level at Claremont find that it is fascinating, funny, contemporary, frustrating, exciting and challenging. Many have enjoyed the course enormously and therefore have chosen to study it at university.

Politics has a history, a present and a future. Every day in our lessons we run through the events of the day as well as the less immediate happenings. It never fails to entertain, to shock and surprise us on so many levels.

There are no subject pre-requisites but it is an academic, essay based subject which is marked heavily on how well it is written and cases argued. Thus good use of English and essay structure is essential. The subject requires analytical skills and an ability to develop a carefully constructed argument based on evidence. An interest in current affairs and related material is essential.

A Level

During Lower Sixth, students examine participation in the political process, voting behaviour and the factors that influence this. They will compare current voting systems, political parties and ideologies. Students also discuss the interplay of the constitution and the judiciary, the parliamentary process and the roles of political members (such as the Prime Minister and the civil service).

In Upper Sixth, they will progress onto more detailed topics. These include in-depth studies of liberalism, conservatism, socialism and fascism. Students will also scrutinise the actions pf parties and compare them to the parties’ original ideologies, focussing on ethnicity, gender, economy and education.


Students actively engage with national local politics, for example by staging their own General Election. Candidates presented policies in School assemblies, canvassed pupil voters and encouraged turnout on the voting day. Furthermore, the course has strong links with history and economics courses where connection to activities is nurtured.

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