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Biology is very important as it aims to tell us about the natural world around us. Biology can inform us about the physical makeup of our bodies, which can lead to the development of cures and treatments for many diseases. Biology strives to answer the mysteries of the world ranging from microscopic mutations in DNA to competition between species resulting in extinction.


At KS3 chemistry, biology and physics are taught as part of a combined course. Topics studied include cells, chemical reactions, magnetism, metal compounds, electrical circuits, forces, nutrition, atoms and elements, light and ecology. There are opportunities for practical fieldwork studying local ecology and an annual Science Fair. A variety of interactive materials are also provided throughout the year directly on pupil laptops.


At GCSE pupils have a choice to specialise in biology or continue with the combined science approach they have had at Key Stage 3. It is recommended but not vital that pupils wishing to take biology at A Level take it as a single subject at GCSE. A Level biology is a challenging subject and is a very popular choice among Sixth Form students.

For GCSE we follow the Eduqas biology course which is assessed at the end of two years of study. Pupils learn about many topics including respiration, enzymes, inheritance, evolution and communication to name a few.

A Level

At A Level we follow Eduqas biology where students will follow a rich specification including microscopy, biochemistry, nutrition, disease and genetics. There is also a wide range of practical experiments to enhance and reinforce the material studied. These include heart and lung dissections, testing for biological molecules, monitoring woodlice in choice chambers and breeding of fruit flies alongside more traditional experiments on photosynthesis and respiration. The course is offered at AS and A Level which are one and two-year courses respectfully.

Biology is an excellent subject to take and is well received by many universities where there are links to pharmacy, biochemistry, medicine and natural sciences courses.


The GCSE and A Level dissection clubs are incredibly popular giving pupils further practical experience in biology. Along with the physics and biology departments, Year 9 produce an annual Science Fair and there is a weekly science club to practise hands-on experiments.

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