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Character Education

Character Education is at the heart of our educational programme. Educating the whole person necessarily involves every aspect of the individual - the intellectual, the creative, the social, the moral, the physical and the spiritual. We place Character Education at the centre of the educational process thus creating a foundation for developing the God-given potential of our pupils. Growth in right-thinking and acting opens the way to a more truthful and expansive way of looking at oneself and others, providing a new perspective on perceived limitations and capabilities.

We have developed a unique programme for teaching character. This programme focuses specifically on a set of core values and recognises that developing these requires a comprehensive educational approach. This process relies on genuine and close relationships within the School community. The strength of these relationships provides the foundation for promoting good character within the context of real life issues. We expect all members of our School to act as good role models by living harmoniously with each other and the natural world.
A new character quality is introduced each month. The quality is used within assemblies, discussions, activities and curriculum work.

Character Quality of the Month - Faith

Confidence • Trust • Hope • Expectation Conviction • Optimism

  • I have faith in the power of goodnessCharacter Quality - Faith
  • I also have faith that I can work through difficult times and expect better things in the future If I honestly persevere
  • I am learning to have complete confidence in my School, my teachers and my abilities
  • I keep my promises to my friends and family
  • I have trust in my friendship group and care for each of them, and am loyal to them and work hard at being a good friend to them and to others
  • I am optimistic and always see the good in situations that can seem difficult
  • I learn from every experience so that I am better prepared next time
  • Small setbacks offer me immediate encouragement to do better
  • Big setbacks may need time but can be dealt with if I am determined
  • I trust that the future for me holds great promise if I apply my best efforts to all my activities