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Gifted, Talented and Interested

We have a regularly updated Gifted, Talented and Interested (GTi) register and an engaging programme of curricular and character-defining activities to extend a number of the girls and boys in their area of strength. An outline of the programme is detailed below and this engaging initiative, due to its breadth, offers opportunities for extension to most children in each year group at some point during the year.

Term Explorers' Club GTi Programme
Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Autumn Maths challenges Maths challenges Music Composition Workshop Stocks and shares
Professional Life Skills Academic Masterclass
Spring Spelling and language Language and reasoning Minecraft and Coding Community Leadership
Lateral thinking Lateral thinking Science in Action Historical Skills
Summer Number investigations Number investigations Words and Writing  
Puzzles and brain teasers Quizzes and questions The Mindset of an Elite Competitor