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Pastoral Care Overview

Claremont Fan Court School has a long standing reputation for the highest quality pastoral care. Alongside our high academic standing and broad co-curricular programmes, this triumvirate of foci have built an impressive School where each child is valued, encouraged, challenged and supported to achieve the ambitions that each child has.

The pastoral care encompasses the following:

1. The pupil and her or his welfare is central to this School. Academic, vocational, social, emotional and behavioural issues are addressed effectively to enable each pupil to grow in stature and wisdom and take their place in society as effective, well rounded, intelligent citizens.

2. The pastoral curriculum includes three weekly assemblies when speakers discuss the importance of contributing positively to School and home, the values inherent in the character programme of the month and celebrate contributions from pupils in sports, arts and academic achievements. In addition, PSHE is taught weekly to every pupil and challenging issues are discussed openly to offer every pupil a growing awareness of their rights, responsibilities and ambitions in this global world.

3. Good pastoral order offers every pupil enhanced learning opportunities and a reason for a growing respect for peers, teachers, the School and greater society in all its shapes and places. This order is achieved through both a privilege and discipline code that affirms the values central to this School. Individuality is a key component of character growth.

4. Pastoral leaders are the Heads of Year who are experienced and committed teachers. They are effectively supported by tutor teachers responsible for their tutor group. Every teacher and staff member supports the high standards of behaviour in this School necessary to foster future relationships and good work habits.

5. The pastoral care has exceptional support from the Care Centre where medically trained nurses attend to every child’s health needs. A school counsellor is also available by appointment.

6. Families are central to this School and welcomed in at all times. Parent talks in support of the challenges of raising teenagers are held termly and all are invited to attend these thought provoking evenings.

Our aim, which we achieve consistently with every pupil, is that they each reach, and exceed, their potential academically and socially whilst enjoying a busy, broad and active school life. Pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and actions and to practice social responsibility through a wide range of leadership opportunities including school council representation, house leadership and culminating in prefectship and Head Girl and Boy. Pupils at this School invariably leave us for ambitious universities as confident, caring and capable young people.