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Pupils have an opportunity to learn Mindfulness as part of the PHSE programme in Years 8 and Lower Sixth. The teaching programme used is from the nationally recognised Mindfulness in Schools Programme (MISP). Additionally, many of the precepts of mindfulness are embedded within the PHSE programmes of Years 9, 10 and 11.

Mindfulness is a series of techniques and ideas designed to increase levels of relaxation and the ability to focus. It is based on encouraging awareness of the breath and the body and noticing the surprisingly powerful results. Mindfulness practitioners notice positive benefits in their ability to perform in the arts and sports and find new perspectives on situations and study.

Mindfulness techniques are widely used in business and in health care environments to help develop resilience. Mindfulness sessions are available for pupils at the recommendation of the Head of Year and/or the request of a parent.

Pupil Testimonials

  • 'I found mindfulness practices very helpful to keep me focused in my exams. At the end of each question I put my pen down, closed my eyes and briefly focused on my breath. I found this really helpful and it helped me gain grade A in all my subjects.' Upper Sixth student
  • 'The classes helped keep me calm when singing and acting as well as helping me look at life in a slightly different way.' Lower Sixth student
  • 'After dong the mindfulness class, I felt less inclined to get angry in situations which I may have struggled with before.' Year 10 pupil
  • 'Mindfulness helps me calm down when I am stressed.' Year 7 pupil
  • 'Mindfulness helps me when I play sport as it helps me focus on the task in hand'. Year 7 pupil