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The House system is a key part of calendar with annual competitions taking place throughout the year. Pupils can also contribute to their House by earning points in lessons via green slips and commendation awards. Each term ends with a House Day including many of the sporting tournaments. The Pre-Prep and Prep Schools also follow the House system.

Autumn Term Competitions

Spring Term Competitions

Summer Term Competitions

Tug of War Jenga Debates
Art Engineering Swimming
Film Chess Tennis
Choir Selfie Cake Athletics
Recycled Fashion Music Rounders
Orienteering Lacrosse Softball
Netball Football  
'Claremont Football' / Tag Rugby    


House Update - Spring Term 2017


This Spring term was filled with fantastic opportunities for all pupils to support their houses and achieve points to add to their ever growing totals. The points bonanza was so frenzied this term, that all the houses are now all within one win of each other to claim victory in the Summer term; things have never been this close!

Spring Term results

Engineering competition: Building a bridge between two tables, MacGuyver style, that would support the weight of a number of water bottles. Support the greatest weight and victory was yours!

Once built, we tested to destruction, some bridges crumbling into the abyss much quicker than others. Still holding strong to the end was Radnor and Esher. Unfortunately, poor design configuration spelt out Esher’s demise when they just couldn’t fit on any more weight.

Congratulations go to RADNOR, for their victorious engineering skills.

House Music: This competition was all about the ranging musical talents we have here at Claremont. If you could play an instrument or sing, your house wanted you! Esher and Radnor, once again had quite a bit of success in this competition, though everyone who entered for their house was brilliant!  A special thank you to Mr Affonso and Mrs Sage.

Radnor ended up on top with 166 points, Esher second with 161 points, Longcross with 104 points, Norwood with 56 points.

House Debates: Intermediate and junior house debate finals took place on house day this term, starting off the day of fun with some verbal competition. The Junior competition was between Longcross and Norwood and the Intermediate competition was between Esher and Norwood.

In both cases, Norwood argued their way to victory in two well fought battle of words. A special thank you to the English Department.

The Languages Spelling Bee:

Year 7 competed, for the first time, in the National Languages Spelling Bee. Over a number of rounds, the year was whittled down to a select group who would then move onto the regional finals for German, Spanish and French. Our internal competition saw Norwood as the spelling victors with Radnor, Longcross and Esher close behind.

A special thank you to Mrs Cahillane.

The Selfie Cake competition: Mrs Horley and Mr Trump have never looked do yummy, Mr Trump’s likeness was even ginger flavoured! There were some other quite scrumptious looking creations including a dog, a sixth former, a mum, and of course, some students. All demonstrated some serious baking and decorating skill. Thank you to all the Food Classes who also baked cupcakes for the Comic Relief Sale. All cakes were sold on the day at break time netting a whopping £270!!! Thank you to everyone who participated and bought cakes on the day. A special thank you to Mrs Well’s.

House Matches:

Football, Lacrosse, Archery and Badminton were the flavour of the day with participants getting involved in a sport to support their House.

With such a variety on offer we enjoyed some great involvement all round. Radnor came out victorious, on what could have been one of the best weather days of the Spring term.

A special thank you to the PE department.

2016-17 End of Term Point Totals





Final Positions

  Esher 3050 7175    
  Longcross 3750 7275    
  Norwood 3050 7250    
  Radnor 3150 7500    


Past Winners

  • 2016-17 =
  • 2015-16 = Norwood
  • 2014-15 = Norwood
  • 2013-14 = Longcross
  • 2012-13 = Esher
  • 2011-12 = Longcross
  • 2010-11 = Norwood