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Portal FAQs

I have more than one child, do I need additional log on details?

No, you are able to view all your children with one username. All your children should be viewable on the ‘My Children Dashboard’ page – if they are not, please contact the School. Please note that because the system has not been rolled out across all year groups yet, not all children are currently live on the system.

What is the Acceptable Usage Policy and where can I find it?

The Policy is a guideline on how to ensure best practice when using the Parent Portal. You can find it as a downloadable PDF document on the School website by clicking the ‘Parent Portal’ link in the footer of any page.

Will my data collection edits be changed instantly?

No, once you have completed the data collection sheet, a member of School staff will be alerted to this. They will then be able to accept changes or query anything that may need it. This allows all information to be personally checked before going live.

I’ve entered a wrong detail in the data collection sheet, what should I do?

If you haven’t clicked ‘Finish’ on the final page, use the large Left arrows to return to the page with the error and change it accordingly. If you have clicked ‘Finish’ please contact the School reception. All changes only go live once they have been checked by a member of staff and so they will notice errors in the process.

I can’t access the data collection sheet, why not?

Once a submission of edits has been made on the data collection sheet, it cannot be amended until a member of School staff has approved the changes. The system therefore temporarily removes access to the data collection sheet until the current changes have been approved. Remember that there may be more than one person able to edit a child’s data collection sheet (e.g. mother and father). If you are not able to access the data collection sheet for a long period of time, please contact the School.

When logging in, what is the difference between ‘Public’ and ‘Private’ computer?

If you select ‘Private’ computer, the system will give you access to the Parent Portal for longer than if you select ‘Public’. The ‘Private’ option may also give you the option to save log in details. We recommend you use the ‘Private’ option only when using a personal computer at home and that you never allow the computer to save your log on details. If in doubt, please use ‘Public’. Please see the Acceptable Usage Policy for more information.

Which children are currently on the Parent Portal system?

Currently the Parent Portal system in only set up for children in Year 7 during the 2015-16 academic year. It is planned that further year groups will be added in the future and parents will be updated accordingly.

Who can access my child’s data?

Only adults listed as having parental responsibility and members of School staff are able to access a child’s data.

It’s my first time using Parent Portal, where should I start?

On your first visit to the Parent Portal we recommend you do the following:

  1. Change your password – you should be automatically asked to do this, but if not you can do so yourself. You can then create a more memorable password
  2. Create a security question – should you forget your password, this will allow you to create a new one more easily
  3. View your child’s timetable – this will give you a feel of the layout of the pages and see the detail you can find
  4. Sign out – it is always best practice to sign out (rather than simply closing the internet browser) so it is worthwhile locating where this is

You can find details of how to do all these in the ‘What can I do once I’ve logged in’ section of this guide.

Where can I find further help?

You can email our ICLT department for further guidance