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Years 3 and 4

Year 3

Year 3 sees the pupils embarking on their first year in the Preparatory School housed in the historic stable block. It is extremely important that the transition from the Pre-Prep is as smooth as possible - many links with the Pre-Prep help to make the move an effective and progressive one. Our aim is that the children feel comfortable in their new surroundings and take steps to become independent learners.

The pupils’ learning is approached in a cross-curricular manner, incorporating the majority of school subjects, through a topic chosen for each half term. We operate an enrichment programme through a wealth of school trips and visiting speakers which closely link to our topic focus. Literature plays a central role to many schemes of work and pupils are actively encouraged to explore books with similar themes to supplement their learning and love of reading.

Topics studied include: Early Settlers brought to life through a settlement camp day at Painshill Park, the Romans developed through archaeolgical investigations at the Museum of London and a one night residential to Sayers Croft.

Ye​ar 4

Building on the foundations established in Year 3, the second year of the Preparatory School encourages independence and responsibility to flourish both inside and outside of the classroom.

In this pivotal year, all children are issued with their own laptops in order to enrich their academic studies as well as support their broad educational experience. Far from detracting from the strong emphasis still placed on traditional approaches such as handwriting and reading, the laptops promote strong cross-curricular links, as well as preparing the children for life beyond school.

An array of stimulating and engaging topics are studied. The Vikings, Tudors and Ancient Egyptians are brought to life - mountain and arctic environments explored - and creativity, imagination and artistic expression are nurtured. The guidance and reflection of the character values encompass all of these components within this exciting learning environment.

Year 4 also sees an opportunity for our children to experience an overnight educational experience for two nights in Ufton Court. This residential visit brings history to life and encourages independence and responsibility, developing important social and emotional skills.

By the end of Year 4, the children also embark on their first overseas adventure. The journey across The Channel enables conversational French developed throughout the year to be put into practice with the added bonus of absorbing the wonderful culture that France has to offer.

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