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Preparatory School Portfolio (PSP)

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The purpose of the Preparatory School Portfolio is to form an innovative, quantifiable framework for developing the potential of each child. It is intended to define tiered levels of achievement for the recognition and celebration of all elements of Preparatory School life in keeping with the stated ethos and mission of Claremont Fan Court.

What is the Preparatory School Portfolio (PSP)?

The declared intention of Claremont Fan Court is to develop the whole child and to explore, discover and develop their particular skills and talents to the full, whether in the academic field, sport, art or music and to find the fulfilment and self-esteem necessary to enhance their lives. The School also aims to develop the values of respect, tolerance and understanding whilst encouraging self-reliance, confidence and independence.

By enshrining this aim into the core purpose of the PSP, the development of character education forms an integral part of learning at Claremont Fan Court as does the continuation of a rich programme of curricular and co-curricular education. The PSP provides a clear statement of intent that these values remain central to the School’s educational provision, alongside the pursuit of a rigorous academic programme. Every good school aims to value every child: the PSP provides a framework through which Claremont Fan Court demonstrates it does exactly that.

This is further in accordance with the National Curriculum Consultation Document 2012, which states that:

‘For England, our overarching educational aspirations are set out in legislation 17 which requires schools to offer a balanced and broadly based curriculum that:

  • promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society, and
  • prepares pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.‘

At Claremont Fan Court, with its ethos firmly rooted in family values, there is now an innovative programme that prepares our children academically, personally, socially, culturally and spiritually for their transfer to the Senior School. The PSP reflects the whole Preparatory School experience and supports our commitment to developing independent thinkers and learners.

Important Points for Consideration

  • This is an inclusive programme: every pupil in the Preparatory School participates.
  • The PSP cannot be failed. There are, however, tiered levels of achievement.
  • It encourages the close scrutiny of all aspects of school life and promotes the involvement of staff and children in a wide range of activities.
  • It supports and values the home-school partnership.
  • Through the setting of targets and achievable goals it provides a framework that will both motivate and challenge through evidence-based achievement.
  • It encourages pupils to strive to reach their potential, offering a sense of achievement for all, and enables metacognition – an understanding of themselves as learners.
  • The PSP provides encouragement through a system of regular feedback.
  • Pupils have the opportunity to develop enhanced skills in broader aspects of learning including: teamwork, leadership and critical thinking.
  • It provides a formal opportunity to recognise and celebrate the potential of every pupil.

What does the PSP achieve?

The PSP enables Claremont Fan Court pupils to become confident and active learners. It encourages the development of pupils who are: confident; have good communication skills; can approach problem-solving creatively; can work in teams and take the lead, as appropriate; care for each other and their community responsibly.

The PSP framework further encourages teaching staff to think creatively about what they have to offer in this process of education. It is, therefore, important that the PSP is considered as a dynamic programme that welcomes new activities and ideas to extend the agreed framework. It is necessarily a self-reflective process and will move forward each year upon review.

The PSP formalises the broad range of education that is offered at Claremont Fan Court Preparatory School and summarises key strengths in a clearly communicable form. It is an innovative and exciting brand of education, offering a cohesive and unique strategy for developing pupils who are prepared to meet future challenges in education, and beyond, with confidence.

How is the PSP evaluated?

The PSP is a tiered, measurable system of participation completed over a two year programme. All children should be able to achieve a good level with relative ease. It is possible to achieve a high standard entirely through activities offered by the School, although the PSP allows for, encourages and recognises accredited achievements beyond those offered at School. The broad, baccalaureate style defines different areas of study, with each area carrying equal weight and emphasis.

PSP Strands of Study

The PSP is organised under the following six strands of learning:

  • Outdoor and Active
  • Creative and Performing Arts
  • Science and Technology
  • World and Culture
  • Citizenship
  • Academic

Each strand carries equal weight and every area of the Preparatory School curriculum will be attributed to one of the strands. The table is not exhaustive, rather it assigns current provision to a visionary framework from which it is intended that future growth and diversity in the curriculum and range of activities can be achieved.



Outdoor and Active Sports awards for improvement and achievement, including colours and half colours. Victor/Victrix Ludorum. Attendance at co-curricular clubs for any physical activity (awarded termly).
Year group hikes, team building exercises.
Creative and Performing Arts Music: choir, chamber choir, orchestra. Attainment in music examinations. Performances including the Christmas Concert, Spring Concert and House music participation.
Art and DT: the submission of one piece of artwork and one piece of DT work, selected by the pupil.
Drama and performance: Prose Reading and Poetry Recitation competitions. School productions and concerts. Harvest Festival, Christmas Carol Service readings, School assemblies.
Science and Technology Science and technology projects
Laptop skills, photography, film making, ICLT clubs, science challenges.
World and Culture Humanities projects: history, geography, RS. Gardening club, bridge, chess.
Languages: French, Spanish, Latin (Mandarin or German clubs).
Sustainability projects and current affairs awareness.
Citizenship This section includes aspects of Life and Learning skills, leadership, teamwork and community service.
Head Boy and Girl, House and Form Captains, Sports Captains, Library Monitors, Reading Monitors, Year 3/4 Buddy System, School Council Representatives, Open Day Guides, Charity Fundraising, Star Character awards, Standard Bearer Awards.
Food technology, orienteering, overnight camp, bikeability, ICT skills, residential trips attendance/participation.
Speaking and listening: Summer Meeting speeches, individual presentations. debating skills, Epsom College Public Speaking competition.
Philosophy and critical thinking skills
Academic Attainment in core academic subjects: English and mathematics.
Academic commendations and improvement awards. School prizes.
(Bold items are delivered in the existing curriculum, every element of which has been allocated to a PSP strand)