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Academic Overview

Our fundamental aim is to ensure that pupils are prepared for a smooth transfer to the senior school at the end of Year Six. We regard satisfying the objectives of the National Curriculum as a minimum requirement and our passionate teachers are encouraged to explore their subjects in depth. Creativity, innovation and flair are key ingredients in the delivery of lessons whilst schemes of work are carefully planned to ensure that basics are reinforced and new topics are introduced progressively – avoiding unnecessary repetition. Children are predominantly taught in parallel classes but there are smaller sets for mathematics and English which offer each individual a learning environment relative to their ability.

In the classroom, considerable attention is focused on differentiation by task - rather than by outcome - so that lessons not only stretch the most able but also support those who need it. A serious commitment to ongoing professional development ensures that our teachers have the necessary knowledge and skill to maximize pupils’ learning.  Progress is communicated to parents regularly and effectively. A report card is issued at half term and there are two parents’ evenings as well as two written reports  during the course of the year.

Curriculum Subjects: The key learning areas of our curriculum encompass: English and Drama, French, Spanish, Latin, Humanities with Integrated Units of Inquiry, Mathematics and Investigative Problem Solving, Music, Physical Education and Games, Religious Studies, Critical Thinking Skills, Science and Technology (including Food Technology) and Visual Arts (including Textiles). Character Education (including PSHE) and Information Communications Technology are integral components within the curriculum and are outlined in more detail below.

Character Education is at the core of all that we learn at Claremont Fan Court. It forms the foundation upon which all else is built. Each month the school focuses on a character quality. Examples of these include: Patience, Love, Wisdom and Respect. There is a two year cycle of qualities which permeate school life both in and out of the classroom. Themes are supported through form periods, assemblies, charity days and guest speakers - as well as through the delivery of carefully constructed lessons. In religious education, lessons are multi-faith in nature and study religious thought from the major world religions.

Information Communications Technology plays a pivotal role within the prep school. Its creative, educational use within an integrated curriculum is a source of great pride and every classroom boasts a white-board, projector and ample resources. All children have a laptop from Year 4 as part of our innovative Laptop Programme and this supports our aim to foster the development of independent learners for the 21st Century.


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