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At Claremont we believe that everyone has a latent talent for mathematics. Our task is to awaken and develop that potential in each child, so that they can learn to appreciate the use, the challenge and the joy of mathematics. By facing up to that challenge and working steadily, our pupils develop life skills such as persistence, logical deduction, changing their perspective, and thinking outside the box. They also discover that as well as being a science, mathematics can be a creative art and that it can be tremendous fun. That's why so many pupils at Claremont say maths is their favourite subject, and why so many go on to study maths at university.

At GCSE and AS and A Level, our examination results are consistently excellent. Tuition is closely geared to the exam syllabus (AQA for GCSE, Edexcel for AS and A Level), but not so closely that we cannot have fun along the way, and make use of the extensive school grounds and the vast world of the internet. Although real maths is done mainly with pencil and paper, the e-learning initiative has allowed us to speed up and streamline many of the repetitive mechanical processes of mathematics. This means that pupils acquire a number of IT skills in maths lessons such as the use of spreadsheets, interactive geometry and graph drawing packages.

All pupils are setted in mathematics up to GCSE. There are four or five sets in each year, and there is regular movement between the sets. Our primary objective is always to place each pupil in the set in which they will make most progress. To help pupils who have missed work or struggle with particular topics, there are regular maths clinics and workshops to help them catch up. To keep the more able fully stretched, there are many challenges offered both within and outside school.

At A level, as well as the compulsory Core Pure Maths modules, we offer the full range of options for Applied Maths including Mechanics, Statistics and Decision Maths. Pupils can also choose to study all of these at Further Maths level. There is no coursework for Mathematics or Further Mathematics at either AS or A level.   
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