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There are three libraries at Claremont Fan Court School: The main Senior School Library in the Mansion, and two more in the Preparatory and the Pre-Preparatory and Nursery Schools.

Senior School Library

Located in one of the principal rooms of the Mansion, this contains some 8000 items – books, DVDs, newspapers, magazines and online resources, providing students with an invaluable resource for learning and reading for pleasure.

The SS Library catalogue can be searched online, and shows Library news, book reviews and links to online resources.    

The Library is open throughout the school day from 8 am, and is popular for break and lunchtime activities such as chess.

Two networked computers are available, and there is wireless access to the network and internet for laptops.

Pageturners Book Club is held twice a term, and members chat about the current book over a picnic lunch. Please click here for details.

The Library produces a range of booklists, from new fiction to A level background reading, and also useful factsheets on topics such as writing CVs and bibliographies.

Holiday Reads for Spring 2017:
Holiday Reads Year 7 and 8

Holiday Reads Year 9 and 10

Inter Borough Literary Quiz   Once again CFCS took part in this challenging competition, held at Tiffins Boys' School.   This year, contenders were questioned on the books below.

The Bone Sparrow Holding up the Universe Maresi Iron fist These Dark Wings Time Travelling with a Hamster


Preparatory School Library

At the Close, this has about 3200 items, including a new selection of audiobooks. The Preparatory School Library catalogue can also be searched online, and shows book images, summaries, reviews and website links.

New Audiobooks Grandpas Great Escape Matilda Born to Run Charlottes Web


Pre-Preparatory and Nursery School Library

This is housed in the Pre-Preparatory and Nursery School Entrance Hall, with about 1500 books.

Library Events

The Library takes an enthusiastic part in promoting Book Weeks, World Book Day and National Poetry Day, and we regularly welcome authors, poets and illustrators to speak to our students, and organise Book Fairs and other fun events.

Gill Lewis - AuthorWorld Book Day: Author Visit

To celebrate World Book Day, bestselling author Gill Lewis visited the School to talk to Year 7s and Year 8s. Her recent book Gorilla Dawn was chosen for by the Book Trust for Bookbuzz 2017. Please click here for full article.


Short and Tweet CompetitionWorld Book Day:   Short and Tweet Competition Winners

Pupils were invited to write a SHORT short story, no longer than a tweet (under 140 characters, not counting spaces). The winning entries are published below:

The rotting body lies in front of me, devoured. The next one looks delicious and has a cute red blush. I sink my teeth into the skin. Apples have always been my favourite. 🍎 (140) Daisy B - Y9

The sweet smell of her perfume. Her hair cascading like a waterfall over her shoulder. Their lips touched and the world shattered into a thousand shards of emotion. (135) Callum B - Y9

The gas mask muffles his words as his eyes plead for me not to go. I avert my tear-filled eyes and walk away. (87) George R - Y10

Carnegie Medal

Shadowing the Carnegie
Every year the Carnegie Medal is awarded for ‘an outstanding book for young people’ published during the previous year. In April, the shortlist is published and a Year 8 group ‘shadows’ the deliberations of the judges and selects their own winner.


Book Lists

Click below to access the book lists for Schools, year groups and departments:

Online Resources
Click below to access the library's online subscriptions. You can obtain login details from the school librarian.
Library Events

There are many regular events organised with the library, such as:

  • Book Week
  • World Book Day
  • World Book Day: Visiting Author
  • World Book Day: Short and Tweet Competition