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Religion and Philosophy

The core of the department is twofold – thinking and teamwork. Not only do we encourage the pupils to think through some of the deepest questions, but also to work together as they search for answers. Therefore they are learning both critical thinking and life skills while exploring religious and philosophical issues.

All pupils receive one lesson a week throughout KS3 and two lessons a week at GCSE, culminating in a full RS GCSE taken at the end of Year 11. Those that chose to continue at Sixth Form take a religion, philosophy and ethics course. The new RS specifications for both GCSE and A Level will be implemented starting September 2016. The department achieves exceptional exam results with nearly a 100% A*-C GCSE pass rate over the past five years.


In Year 7 pupils explore the Bible and the life of Jesus in more depth than they will have done in primary school. Then in Year 8 pupils learn biblical ethics by studying the Ten Commandments. The course then widens out to investigate the world faiths of Hinduism and Buddhism. During Year 9 pupils explore Islam and investigate the history of Christianity as preparation for the RS GCSE.


Currently the Year 10 and 11 pupils complete their GCSE course using the Edexcel specification (Units 1 and 8). They look at the religious, philosophical and ethical covering the topics: belief in God, matters of life and death, marriage and family, religion and community cohesion, rights and responsibilities, environmental and medical issues, peace and conflict and crime and punishment. These are studied from the points of view of Christianity and Islam.

This will change from September 2016 when the new RS specifications come in.

A Level

Currently Sixth Form students are taught A Level Philosophy and Ethics units from the Edexcel Religious Studies specification.

This will change from September 2016 when the new RS specifications come in.


A number of trips take place throughout the year to religious sites, including mosques, churches and gurdwaras. Sixth Form students also attend philosophy conferences and attend critical thinking and related talks to further develop ideas on ethics.