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Information, Communication and Learning Technology

Claremont Fan Court School believes that the requirements of pupils in the 21st Century will be radically different from previous years. The emergence of global economies and the reliance on technology requires the development of skills such as creative and critical thinking, independent learning, access to data, evaluation and the ability to communicate effectively within all cultures.

The ICLT Department

The ICLT Department comprises of four support staff, supporting many aspects of learning and teaching at Claremont Fan Court School. This ranges from maintaining the laptop scheme through to the network infrastructure. The ICLT Department also runs co-curricular activities such as clubs and drama productions. We have upgraded our internet connection to a brand new dedicated 100Mb fiber cable with Virgin Media.

The School Laptop

The School believes that integration of ICLT into subject areas rather than being taught as a discrete subject is the most efficient way for pupils to use the technological tools available to them for effective learning and to promote cross-curricular links. To this end, pupils from Year 4 to Year 11 are equipped with a laptop computer as part of their school equipment. The laptop is personally owned by the parents and is purchased from our laptop partners.

Like all technology, laptops need to undergo a periodic refresh due to limitations of warranty, insurance and general wear and tear. Our expereince of running the scheme for ten years, combined with research from the Sony Company in schools, suggests that the lifetime of a laptop in a school is three years. Our main refresh years are therefore Year 4, Year 7 and Year 10.

A parent with a pupil entering between Years 4 and 10 is obliged to purchase a new laptop. The laptop will be refreshed every three years after the initial purchase.

Sixth Form students are also expected to use a laptop for their learning but are given the freedom to bring any suitable laptop which best meets their educational requirements. The only requirement is that they have up-to-date Anti Virus software and an Office editing suite such as Microsoft Office, Open Office or Apple's Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps.